About Us

Misty Mountain Retreat was created by Artist Extraordinaire Belinda Paton as a place to come and

Relax, Realign and Create. 

Belinda has spent years establishing an amazing creative sanctuary on her property complete with beautiful extensive gardens, a buddha pond and a magical stone circle. There is a full size art studio on the property as well as a wonderful pottery workshop in which she works creating her own unique and exciting pieces, as well as using it as a teaching space.

Belinda has been a full time artist her whole life specialising in pottery, jewellery and mixed-media painting and is very well known for her quirky and whimsical style. She has won many awards for her work in New Zealand and overseas. She now creates magical workshops and weekend retreat experiences for people to help them tap into their own creative essence and connect to soul inspiration and healing from within. Her workshops are;

Enlightening, Inspiring and Innovative

Leaving you always wanting to come back for more. 

"I create workshops in art and spirituality to teach others how to connect with their inner creative essence and to open their hearts to the magic therein. I share all that I know and I am pleased that I can be a catalyst in this beautiful magical journey for others. I have discovered many wonderful secrets along the way through exploring my inner and outer sanctum and connecting with my creative spirit. The journey, as always, continues as there is always more to learn and more to share".

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Belinda Paton - Ceramic Artist