Elysabeth Wolter is a Personal Development Coach, EFT Tapping Specialist and Happy Habits Activator who has a range of services and programs that enhance personal growth and professional development. She works either one-on-one or in groups. Services are delivered in person or online. These include personalized one to one counselling, online workshops, community workshops, business workshops & programs and retreats.  Through her unique combination of therapies, Elysabeth provides tailored solutions that help people to reach their desired outcomes, making lasting changes in their lives.

Elysabeth is well versed in many areas, such as NLP programming, Life Coaching, a Diploma in Counseling and Psychology, and a variety of EFT certificates (Emotional, Freedom Technique). This allows her to offer a comprehensive approach to her clients' needs.

EFT successfully solves many different types of problems or issues you may have. These include anxiety, PTSD, worrying, relationship troubles, relieving stress, creating positive habits, gaining clarity, improving confidence, helping with motivation, and much more.

EFT works by targeting the energy systems in the body. It helps to restore balance between the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body. Restoring balance reduces the intensity of the problem and creates lasting change.



Life Coach

NLP Practitioner certification

Advanced EFT and TFT Practitioner

Certificate in Advanced Counselling Skills

Certificate in Professional Practice in Psychology

Diploma in Counselling and Psychology


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